Our Heat Exchangers

Sierra offers the most comprehensive range in the field of heat exchange with copper-copper and copper-aluminum products, now demanded and adopted by the most important European companies.

Cutting-edge facilities for production and testing ensure high standards of flexibility and production quality.

Quality Management System Manual
(UNI EN ISO 9001:2015)

Those who purchase a product want it to meet expectations throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Sierra can guarantee this by ensuring a responsible and qualified commitment from everyone, both inside and outside the company, who works towards the quality of its products.

Modern Business Vision

A Mission in Step with the Times

Shared Values Across the Entire Company


The Ideal Partner

Sierra, a company belonging to the Giordano Riello International Group, is among the European leaders in the production of finned tube heat exchangers used in both civil and industrial applications.

Sierra not only manufactures products but positions itself primarily as a technical partner capable of guiding the customer from the initial meeting to the “customized” realization of the requested products.

Our Process

Commitment to research, a production philosophy focused on maximum efficiency, along with highly qualified technicians and collaborators, ensure constant and high-quality standards.










Company Quality

Sierra’s production philosophy is centered on 360-degree quality at every stage: in materials, processes, organizational systems, and the machines used.

The design phase employs constantly updated software integrated directly into the production management system, based on lean production principles.

Numerical control machines and suitable facilities ensure high production standards and flexibility.

Would you like to discover more?

sierra studio

The software for your needs

Thanks to this software, the customer can independently size the heat exchanger, simulating its behavior under different working conditions.

Sierra Studio is the first step towards a broader renewal process that will see the customer being supported during the selection and offering phases.


News and Trade Shows

Chillventa 2024

Sierra S.p.A. will be present at the CHILLVENTA exhibition that will be held in Nuremberg from 08 to 10 October 2024. This is one of the most important international events;

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