Sierra Studio

Sierra Studio is the software that allows you to define and select the most suitable heat exchanger among the Sierra S.p.A. range.


Sierra Studio is a web-based software that can be used by every pc, equipped by the latest generation browser and by all mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Calculation routines can be integrated in the Customer software for the dimensioning of heat exchangers for systems and machines. (e.g. air handling units, heat pumps, chillers etc.).

Multilingual interface management. Measurement units customisation.

Analytical Checks

Noted the geometric features and the thermodynamic condition, Sierra Studio can display the performance of the heat exchangers.


Setup of the geometrical features of heat exchanger (e.g. tube type, fin spacing, etc.).

Thermodynamic features

Setup of the thermodynamic condition of air (e.g. inlet air temperature) and internal fluid condition (e.g. inlet fluid temperature) of the heat exchanger.


Calculations of all the thermo-fluidynamic features of heat exchanger.


Displays the thermodynamic features of the heat exchanger. It can exports the data on PDF/Excel format.

Parametric Checking

Heat exchanger performance checking at different geometrical and boundary condition features. The results are displayed into graph and table format.

Baseline definition

It defines the geometric and thermodynamics of the reference heat exchanger.

Parameteric definition

Setup of the variables to change.


Calculation of the combinations referred to the parametric variables.


The results are displayed by tables and graphs format.


Sierra Studio proposes the best heat exchangers according to the Customer’s needs and allow the Customer to choose the most suitable.

Geometric constrains

Setup of the possible heat exchangers dimensions.

Thermodynamic conditions

Setup of fluid and air thermodynamic parameters, both internal (e.g. inlet fluid temperature) and external (e.g. inlet air temperature).


Definitions the thermodynamic goals of heat exchangers, as well as the cost and the energy efficiency targets.


Research of all best possible solutions for the heat exchangers requested by the Customer.


The results are displayed by tables and graphs format, where the most suitable heat exchanger can be identified.